CHICAGO, IL, AUG 31, 2015 – Market Track, LLC, the leading provider of advertising, brand protection and pricing intelligence solutions in North America, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Commercially Retail, Australia and New Zealand's leading retail advertising monitoring company.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Commercially Retail works with brand owners, retailers and distributors to deliver detailed information, statistics and associated value built around advertised products in retailer print and digital mediums. Commercially Retail actively monitors over 350 categories across more than 300 retailers and more than 1,000 brands and distributors daily. With more than 50 clients that encompass some of the world's largest brands, Commercially Retail has become known and recognized as an indispensable resource for advertisers, delivering an understanding of the significant investment by retailers, brand owners and suppliers.

Market Track provides related and overlapping advertising intelligence solutions across similar channels for its retail and brand clients. Together, the combination of Commercially Retail and Market Track will not only provide an expansion of capabilities in Australia and New Zealand, but will also provide an opportunity to extend Market Track's sales reach into other Asia markets.

Commenting on the transaction, Market Track CEO Wayne Mincey said, "Commercially Retail has built a comprehensive technology solution that closely mirrors Market Track's competitive intelligence line of business focused on subscription advertising and eCommerce tracking services delivered through a SaaS platform. Our long-standing relationship with Commercially Retail's founder, Stuart Wood, has helped facilitate the development of our operations support center in Manila."

"Most importantly, this combination will be valuable to clients of both firms. The additional capabilities and reach that each of our organizations brings to this relationship will quickly allow clients from both companies access to a more comprehensive view of what is impacting the market and influencing their customers," continued Mincey.

Commercially Retail plans to launch several digital capabilities from Market Track in its domestic markets, such as Brand Protection and Business Intelligence offerings. Market Track plans to immediately incorporate Commercially Retail's innovative data visualizations developed for its CR-Digital solutions.

Stuart Wood, Commercially Retail's founder, added, "I'm very excited for our clients and employees that we are joining such a culturally aligned organization. We are looking forward to maximizing the extensive products and resources that can now be leveraged in our region. Commercially Retail's focus and investment in our current eCommerce offerings will only accelerate with Market Track's expertise and experience."

About Commercially Retail

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Commercially Retail provides facts and insights in relation to retailer driven advertising across both digital and print based mediums, via its software-as-a-service platform. Commercially Retail delivers a comprehensive picture of the marketplace from both a current and trend perspective, down to individual SKU. This understanding leads to enhanced commercial decision making by clients with respect to product, brand, category and retailer advertising strategies, for both retailers and suppliers. Commercially Retail's core focus is on providing clients an enhanced fact base, allowing for a deeper commercial understanding of the advertising marketplace, unlocking opportunities for both retailers' and suppliers to optimize advertising strategies, pricing and increase effectiveness of below the line advertising.

About Market Track

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Market Track is the leading provider of subscription-based advertising, brand and pricing intelligence solutions in North America. Through monitoring trade and promotional advertising, pricing and e-commerce activity, brand protection and competitive advertising activity, Market Track provides the most comprehensive coverage of key media channels available. Offered via web-based software-as-a-service platforms, Market Track's solutions enable advertisers, agencies, retailers, and manufacturers of consumer goods to efficiently monitor and analyze causal data, creative execution, and ad spending to maximize the value of their marketing campaigns. Clients use Market Track's capabilities to determine how competing retailers, products and brands are being advertised, priced and promoted both in-store and online. The company's granular creative assets and data cover nearly every retail trade class, product category and media channel. For additional information, please visit