Aurora Capital Partners



Founded in 1991, Aurora Capital Partners was one of the West Coast’s first private equity firms.


Decades tend to erode the hard edges and the egos. Our approach has evolved.

We have become keenly attuned to the value of relationships in optimizing the environment for success.  Strong partnerships and the empowerment of people permeate every aspect of our organization.


Aurora Capital Partners works together with successful management teams to build market-leading companies through investments in growth initiatives, strategic positioning and add-on acquisitions.

The most important element of our investment process is to identify and align ourselves with outstanding and principled management teams. We view ourselves as experts in establishing an environment of sincere partnership with our executives. To that end, Aurora only invests behind incumbent management and our management partners typically invest meaningful equity alongside Aurora.

Complementing the experience of our investment professionals, Aurora's Executive Board and Executive Network provide a tremendous depth of resources to our companies. A collaboration between management, board members and our investment professionals works to identify and address key strategic and operational priorities. We then entrust operations and execution entirely to management. Our objective is to provide our management partners with the capital and optimal environment they need to grow and succeed.